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elebrity/fashion stylist and editor in chief of ContentMode magazine, Deborah Ferguson, has recently took a slight step outside of the fashion universe to pioneer a VIP benefit event for the newly formed Ugandan community, HopeNorth. Donating money for HopeNorth effort was encouraged, among some Martinis and dancing, which were also encouraged. The event was held at the Jane Hotel on April 19th, 2012. Special guests included actress Kate Mara, Actor Norman Reedus, UK DJ  Andy Carroll, fashion designer Ghassan Yazbeck, fashion director and producer Redeemer Resk 'Que and ContentMode's current cover model Mary-Louise Parker among many others.

The significance of this event cannot be emphasized enough. The HopeNorth effort is an organization that strives to improve the conditions of Northern Uganda, which is currently undergoing a tragic and dangerous civil war. It is one of the top then most underreported humanitarian tragedies, according to Doctors Without Borders. Children are being enslaved and forced to serve as soldiers in the war, and 1.6 million Ugandans are being involuntary put into overcrowded camps. This community is an expanding 40-acre campus that includes a secondary school, a vocational training center, and a full time helpful staff that orphans and refugees can call home, located right in Northern Uganda.

Fashion designer, Ghassan Yazbeck; Actress Kate Mara;

The vicinity fit perfectly into the mood of the event; a very living room-like setting where people were able to ease into a conversation, and where, at one point, everyone even gathered around the big screen to watch a few videos about the benefit and magazine itself. The videos included exclusive previews of two short films for the seventh issue of ContentMode mag on Norman Reedus (produced by Skyrup Film) and Kate Mara (produced by Visionlogic).

Once crowded, the attention genuinely shifted to Kate and her ensemble. The quirky beauty was wearing a tasteful Ghassan Yazbeck dress, styled by Ferguson herself. Despite the large amount of people and enough camera flashes to blind somebody, Kate was immediately noticeable the entire night, as her bright orange hair radiated more than usual when paired with the solid red dress. Parker, dressed elegantly in all black, heavily supports HopeNorth and all it's efforts, claiming that it is in fact her favorite charity. 

Fashion designer, Ghassan Yazbeck; Actress Kate Mara; Model (wearing Ghassan Yazbeck piece), Dee Paul; Fashion director / producer, Resk 'Que


The night ended off with live indie mixes by DJ Carroll and a wave of conversations that filled the air, of HopeNorth and of the magazine, which concluded a very successful night. Ferguson was able to open the eyes of many people who were previously not aware of this disaster in a non-dull manner, and encouraged people to have empathy for what is going on in civil war Uganda.



photo credit: ifashion network


Written by Dagmara Cintron
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