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alturning incense is as old as the test of time. It has been used in a variety of cultures for purity and energy. To most however, it is a way to relax with the scent of your choice in your home. Some people may find it satisfactory for an incense burner to just be plain and dull. For some however, they need the amped up version. Here’s some beautiful incense burners I found that I believe you will enjoy.



1. This first one I found on named the Tibetan Incense Burner for $7.95. It looks like an eminently ornate plate. With silver flowery swirls twined together to create a beautiful piece to burn wonderful scents upon.

2. I love this next one, I believe you will too. This one is a Purple Art Glass Oil Warmer. It’s a very inviting feel, looking as if it could simply be a captivating glass arrangement. With the baroque flowers on the top you could never go wrong. I found it at this website called Crystal Bay Holiday for $15.95. Check out the site for yourself, they seem to have some interesting pieces.

3. This next oil burner is for the fashion guru’s, or just an avid shoe lover. This interesting and quirky fragrance burner is a metal shoe, but with different designs on each one. Zebra print, bright red, black, leopard print and much more you can find any design that you desire. This is a fun, flirty, and all around adorable burner that I absolutely love. I found it at ranging at different prices. The one seen below however, is $22.50.

4. First off, this website in itself is a great find. It’s a wholesale site called where I found this Artisan Incense Tower for $5.87.  It’s beautifully crafted and has holes at the top to put multiple incense sticks to add more of the aroma to the room. I admire the simplicity of it. Not adding to much to the room, but standing on its on with a certain presence of calm. That’s a lot to gain for only six dollars!

There are tons of different, interesting, quirky, and beautiful incense burners out there. I have picked a few that I liked that I thought I would share with the world. To find the one that suits you, and your home, all you have to do is keep looking. You will find it if you look at the amazing sites on the web. I suggest Amazon, Ebay, or even just looking on Google. They have amazing finds, if you look in the right places.


photo credit: wholesalemart;amazon;crystalbay


Written by Contributing Writer
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