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Wondering what to do during this semi-lull in between scooping up end-of-season bargains and waiting for all the new stuff to hit the stores?  How about tackling that closet.  You know you have been putting it off, and it’s a jungle in there.  There is nothing worse than looking in a packed closet and still feeling like you have nothing to wear.  Trying to  find cute stuff in the stores but feel guilty about buying it because you already have plenty of blazers, sweaters – you know it’s true.

When you get right down to it, there is a lot of stuff just taking up space that for whatever reason didn’t work and you’re never going to wear.  Let’s take a closer look at what to scrap and what to keep.  Why do it now?  First, because it’s cold – sometimes you just want to go out into the cold, snow and rain.  Second, don’t procrastinate, spring will be here before you know it.   Third, if you have quality stuff you want to give to a consignment shop know that sometimes they won’t take the clothes if they are not from the current season. Now get started!  There are do’s and don’t for successful spring cleaning.  Here are 7 Do’s – Spring Cleaning Part One.

Do toss:

  • Sweaters that have signs of wear – stains, pills, out-of-shape, missing embellishments.

  • Old jeans – you can keep one pair of old favorites and that’s it!  Jeans are something that we never go back to… we tend to update our wardrobe with the most current jeans and wind up accumulating tons of pairs we will never wear again.  I wear a couple of pairs of skinnies, a couple of pairs of wide-legs, a pair of boyfriends, and chuck the rest .

  • Pants out of style -  Pants need to be current or your whole look is off.  If they are no longer cool, lose them.

  • Worn out Ts and tanks - We all have piles of old Ts that we are saving as “extras” that we never wear.  Go back and look at them, I am sure the length isn’t right on half of them, or they are just worn out.

  • Two years old and not worn - Anything you haven’t worn in two years --except shoes, pocketbooks, and evening-wear.

  • Five-year old- eveningwear -   The styles have changed, your body has changed, and if you have an event, you are going to have to invest in something new.

  • Old coats – think about it - everyone’s coat closet is bursting with tons of coats but everyone you know wears the same coat every day.  There is no better feeling than chucking everything from your coat closet and seeing how nice and neat it can look; you will be amazed at what you find in there.
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Written by Elizabeth Dylan
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