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altp and coming model, Mélodie Monrose has garnered interest from established houses in her first catwalk season. Walking for Marc Jacobs, Prada, Phillip Lim, and Gucci all within months of being discovered, Monrose’s future promises great accomplishment.

Comparably to many successful models, Monrose never intended on this career path, but rather was discovered. As she explained to WWD, a friend, an aspiring model himself, introduced her to his agent, “Being a model was a surprise. Some people around me always said that I could be a model, but I didn’t believe them”. Soon after, she was signed to Wilhelmina in New York, mere months before New York Fashion Week. Catapulted from her native Martinique, she was 18 when she entered the industry in a whirlwind of shows and excitement.




Her first runway season, Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear, she immediately stood out amongst the crop of new models that arrive every incoming season. Many go unnoticed, remain under the radar their entire careers, or simply fade out. The ones meant to be super cannot be missed. What is interesting about Monrose’s attraction is that she pulls you in.

Unlike many models, Monrose does not have any uncanny but charming physical attributes to help her do so. Her looks are not androgynous or overly sexy, yet she radiates timeless beauty. High cheekbones, dark brown eyes, an elegant 5’10” frame, and glowing skin all contribute to the package that is Mélodie Monrose. When asked by WWD about her favorite feature, she bypasses the obvious, answering “My teeth! I think the smile is the most important part of somebody’s face.” Going against the undying misconception of the vacuous model, she proudly claims, “I love reading. It’s like being in another world. It’s an essential feeling for me.” Clearly, her success will not sprout simply from her looks, but from her personality and intelligence.  And as the runway moves away from the uncommunicative pale nymphs of the past decade, Monrose is exactly the type of model that will continue the new trend of vivacious and charming fashion personalities.

The past few years has seen a crop of black models who have emerged amidst criticism of the fashion industry’s white out (lack of diversity). Kinée Diouf, Joan Smalls, Aminata Niaria, Sessilee Lopez and Arlenis Sosa have all created names for themselves, and established a semi-permanent place on runways. In the next few seasons, Monrose will either establish herself with campaigns, editorials and further runway appearance or fade away. I highly doubt it will be the latter.


Photo credit: Wilhelmina Models


Written by Contributing writer - Monday, 13 June 2011 11:58
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