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althese days it seems like the media is looking for new versions of all our favorite celebrities and they are finding them in a handful of very fashion forward women. The up and coming new generation of fashion icons are climbing to the top of the pyramid for their rightful positions and will not be stepping down for many years.

Zoe Kravitz

A “celebuspawn,” as some of these new stars are called, of Lisa Bonet (remember the Huxtables?) and Lenny Kravitz this beauty has really risen up the food chain this year with some great movies like X Men: First Class and many appearances at fashion shows and red carpet events.

Edgy Hipster

Zoe Kravitz has the style of a modern hippie-lots of fur, headbands, loose and comfortable shirts and dresses, but with a little bit of edge for this decade.

Trying to get Zoe’s look? Try this leather jacket by Michael Kors for an edgy look, but with some added fur to get that hippie vibe.


Lily Collins

Another child of Hollywood, Lily Collins is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. She has had numerous broadcast and writing gigs, as well as appearances in television shows like 90210.

Pattern Princess

Lily Collins has a style that is all over the map, especially when it comes to color. She likes to play around with various patterns, mixing and matching them, as well as wearing feminine party dresses to events.

Do you Want Lily’s look? Try this DKNY dress with a crazy pattern.


Emma Roberts

She started out with her own television show on Nickelodeon, but she is all grown up and taking Hollywood by storm. Don’t call her Julia Robert’s niece, she is now a fashionista in her own right.

Carefree Chic

Emma Roberts has a style that is comfy and simple; she never goes overboard on patterns or color. However, she still glams it up for special events in fun party dresses.

Are you trying to copy Emma’s style? Try this simple and comfortable shirt by Joie Vega.


Lea Michele

She first came onto our radar in the hit television series Glee where she plays the bossy Rachel.

Since the show started and became a huge success, Lea has taken the fashion world by storm always looking fabulous on the red carpet and showing up at tons of major fashion shows.

How Kate Should Dress:

Lea has a chic and elegant style but without looking too old or bland. Many have said that Kate Middleton should take some tips from Lea in the fashion department and dress chic but for her age.

Are you trying to get a style just like Lea’s? Try these edgy black boots by Joan and David.


These stars are sure to become ultra famous in the years to come to keep your eye out for them!

photo credit: bloomingdales


Written by Sarah Daggett
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