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altn this midst of this excruciating heat wave mother earth has graced us with, it’s important to stay cool. I’m not talking about “cool” in the sense of drinking tons of water or shacking-up by the air conditioner, but staying cool as in “up to par” on the hottest celebrities and fashion trends. Can you hear me now?


This “Celebrity Closet” will feature a slew of different celebrities, what they’re wearing these days, and an official weigh-in to conclude whether or not their style is A+ or completely drab. Here we go.


1. Kim Kardashian – Miss Kimmie K. can be seen wearing an adorable H&M blouse paired with a Bottega Veneta Knot snakeskin trimmed intrecciato silk clutch hand bag. Kim gets an “A” grade for this outfit, hands down. The color choices are perfection and very “in season.” The pink/peach color of the blouse brings out the beauty of her own skin tone and allows her free-flowing hair to shine like a star.



2. Beyonce Knowles – The former Sasha Fierce was seen in what some may call an homage to “Black Swan,” but that’s OK because I like this ensemble anyway. Beyonce poses in front of the mirror with a Lleah Rae bodysuit on. The bodysuit itself is canary yellow and her hair color complements the overall look she’s bringing to the table. Beyonce gets a grade of “B.”



3. Jennifer Lopez – This “American Idol” judge was looking to be judged herself. She wears an Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 RTW asymmetric cutout gown and Gucci Leight T-strap sandals. Is J-Lo heading to the emerald city later on? She should not report “on the floor” looking like this. Sorry, but she gets a solid “D.”



4. Demi Lovato – I have to give this young woman props for stepping-out into her own after publically dealing with inner demons head on. Ms. Lovato wears a Sober is Sexy “The only coke I do is diet” tank, dark Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster sunglasses, and a Stella McCartney black chain hobo bag. Demi, you receive an “A+.” You look like you’re ready for a press conference or a night out … don’t party too hard, though because you’re doing so well!


Do you have something to add to the “Celebrity Closet?” I’d love to hear some feedback and perhaps see what you’re favorite celebrity is wearing. Come now, don’t be shy!


Thanks to for inspiration.


Written by Joseph Federico
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