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Reason #1: The economy is rough right now, but you can still create cute affordable outfits with accessories for as little as $15 to $25. If it is an upscale shop it may require digging a bit deeper but you will realize you have still got a good bargain.

Reason #2: “Thrifting” is environmentally friendly. Instead of that old leather jacket or silk dress ending up in the dump with a little bit of repair, accentuating and recreating you can offer suits, dresses, hats, handbags and jewelry another chance to prove their true worth.

Reason #3: Usually thrift shops are run by non-profit organizations that donate the money to worthy cause. So you can satisfy your shopping binges and help save the world. In New York City the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Thrift Shop located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan is a great spot. Housing Works in New York provides services to those living with HIV and AIDS, housing for the homeless and low income families. On the west coast Out of the Closet Thrift Stores in LA, which helps fund medical services, is a chain with numerous locations. The All Saints Thrift Store, also located in LA, has a food bank that provides food to families in need.

Reason #4: The 80’s fashion era is back. You can find those big shouldered boyfriend jackets, harem pants and neon -colored and sparkling blouses, shirts and tees which still have the musical DNA 80s artists like of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna still vibrating in the threads of the clothing.

Reason # 5: Let’s face it, not everyone is a size four. If you’re a size twelve and up you can find tailored suits and dresses from other eras that are slimming and comfortable. Garments were constructed with generous seams and darts that made alterations easier for a custom fit.

Reason # 6: Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk are finer materials were used in days gone by without so many synthetics mixed in. The items may be a bit more worn down than others, but if you’re into the natural there are finds out there waiting to go home with you.

Reason #7: The Psychedelic 60’s, Disco 70’s, and Neon 80’s clothing still hold some of the color vibrancy and may even seem brighter due to certain dyes used back then.


Photographs taken by Alin Boicu

Written by Samantha Dudhnath
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