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Fashion designer, illustrator, artist, and father of fashion satire, Alexsandro Palombo, creates more of a stir within the industry with his frivolous artwork than with his previous collections, it seems. Taking a break from fashion design, Palombo has been channeling his goofy fashion-related illustration zeal for the past few years. After turning heads by having his debatable Humor Chic handout distributed outside of New York fashion show, Palombo announces the launch of his new limited edition book. The “Secret Book” book will be “a provocative cocktail of humor, surprises, vision, genius and madness,” according to the artist.

His work, often featuring Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour and Creative Director of Vogue and head of design of Chanel Karl Langerfeld, tackles social factors such as animal rights to featuring the two legendary icons as Homer and Marge Simpson, but fashionably redefined.


One of the artist’s most recognized piece of art work is his limited book, “Karl Lagerfeld, vision of a funeral” in which he foreshadows the biggest fashion funeral the industry will witness through recognizable faces and aphotic ensembles. Fashion icons featured in the book are Alber Elbaz, Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman and many more.


When describing his work, Palombo expresses "My panels are like a performance and not a copy of real life. Every character wears a creation of mine, my personal vision of style.”

Palombo founded his own designer brand in 1998 called aleXsandro Palombo, where the capital X and P stand for the Latin symbols foor PAX CHRISTI. However, since 2007 he has started to dedicate more time to the construction of his illustrations, drawing plates poetry, where imagination pursues reality captivating the observer from the instability of everyday life.

Although the industry has responded both positively and negatively to his work, “outrageous illustration is the sincerest form of flattery for Palombo,” according to


Be on the lookout for Palombo’s new mysterious book. The author advises you “to use your most brilliant, inspiring and unconventional imagination ... because only those who manage to get hold of one of the copies will discover the secret contents,” and reserve a copy at

Alexsandro Palombo’s work can be found on his blog,

photo credit : humorchic blogspot


Written by Dagmara Cintron - Tuesday, 27 March 2012 13:30
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