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alts exhilarating as it may be to be following notable designers within the industry during NYFW, who says an emerging designer cant be just as intriguing to observe? Tuesday morning I had the privilege of being able to see how a designer strives to emerge within the industry. I was invited to report at Ghassan Yazbeck's lookbook and editorial photoshoot for his upcoming Fall 2012 collection.

Barely being able to open the door, I was blinded by an field of garments; some patternembroidered and others concentrated solids. The collection was a considerable futuristic display of a new fashion disposition. Envision stretched-out necks on sharply engineeredcoats and dresses. The clothing combined reds, purples, whites, and blacks with materials like leather and wool crepe.


The studio was unexpectedly packed, but the natural energy was irrefutable from the moment you walked in. Model April Johnson transformed in and out of ensembles as former-model and celebrity photographer Carolina Palmgren, dressed in a loose olive green jumpsuit, bluntly energetic (and comfortable), shot her diligently. The remainder of the crew included assistants, make-up and hair artists Maki H. and Nelson Vercher, celebrity stylist Debroah Ferguson, and the project director Redeemer Resk'Que of iConcept Media Group, the PR, marketing and branding firm launching and representing Ghassan Yazbeck.

Johnson was quickly slipping out of a silk double organza sheer black and white stripped jacket that was tied with a bow and complemented with Yazbeck's recurring stiff collar. She carefully put on a tiny red jacket that extended outward like a tu-tu under the breast area, again topped off with a popped-up collar. The jacket was paired with ascantly skirt with a tracery of a timid red, purple, and blue tie dye-like pattern.

Sunlight emitted through the extravagantly big windows behind the white back drop and the music pumped through the wooden floors. “Darling, why don't you spin around for me?” Palmgren called out to Johnson. Despite the lively atmosphere of the room, it was evident that the crew was pressed on time. After each outfit, Palmgren called “change!” as the make-up and hair artists ran from their set-up to touch up the model, the stylist quickly assembled the new outfit, and an assistant called out the seconds left for the next ensemble’s shoot.


In the midst of observing and occasionally giving direction, Ghassan expressed “I am extremely excited about my first official contribution to the fashion world. One cannot stop their eyes from seeing beauty, for beauty commends the eye.”

Once the lookbook shots were a wrap, the crew and myself hurriedly piled up in numerous cabs and headed to the Soho Trump hotel where the very anticipated editorial shoot would be shot. Yazbeck and Palmgren, nonetheless, subtly expressed their worry with the bright sunny atmosphere as they expected a much darker environment for the shoot. But with a little bit of improv and optimism (and a lot of furniture moving), the shots were even cheered on by the crew.

Australian model Melissa “MJ” Johannsen expressed that she enjoyed modeling in the clothing, emphasizing “they're very unique pieces.”

Eventually the bright and sunny view was substituted with the eye-blinding lights from New York City buildings. Watching the models effortlessly move around and pose in Yazbeck's clothing, it was obvious that the pieces offer a structured yet elegant look for young women. His modern take on the traditional dressmaking leaves skin laid bare by his scantly cuts, and although not bound, a wide selection of his dresses and skirts are evidently immensely seductive. Combining blacks and whites with colors like teal and purple, Yazbeck makes sure women who put on his clothing will feel playful, but still look sophisticated.

“Ghassan Yazbeck is a one of a kind designer, passionate yet suppressed with talent. He was introduced to me by a mutual acquaintance.  I do not just work with any designer, if I decide to work with you after my initial assessment, you are destined to succeed with your craft. My team and I strongly believe in Ghassan’s work. I’ll let his work speak for itself, you tell me what you think in few seasons to come” shared Redeemer Resk ‘Que.


Ghassan studied medicine in the beginning of his schooling career and even opened his own pharmacy in 1988 in Detroit, Andy's Pharmacy, which he still owns today. However, In January 2010, Yazbeck made the bold move of enrolling at Parsons, where he successfully graduated in May 2011 with a degree in fashion design.

Ghassan Yazbeck will be showcasing his Fall 2012 collection in his first ever fashion show during New York iFashion Week at iFashion Network's emerging designer showcase on February 14th.


Photo Credit: Carolina Palmgren


Written by Dagmara Cintron - Thursday, 16 February 2012 17:15
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