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alt name that may be unknown to most is now is gaining popularity all over the world due to her cutting edge style and likable personality.  Green eyed and born in Somerset, England, the young model Amber Anderson has recently shown up on the fashion industry radar.  She has opened for Christopher Kane at last years Fashion Week and will soon be the face of the new Kenzo fragrance coming out this September.  In addition to all of that she has just finished shooting for the 2011-2012 fall- winter Burberry line. 

Being the first model to walk in the recent Christopher Kane show showed the world that she is here to stay and that she can ever look and act fierce in neon colors.  Some would say she even made them seem dull in comparison.

Recently compared to the eclectic and classic Arizona Muse—girlfriend of the oh so beloved and beautiful Freja Beha— Amber Anderson has also dabbled a bit in acting.  She has played small roles in movies like “Your Highness” and “Lotus Eaters” and has done commercials for certain online dating sites that showcase not only her charmingly adorable looks but also her distinctive singing voice and unexpected piano skills.  According to her agency, Amber is open to trying anything, including singing and playing piano in addition to her modeling and acting.  But modeling seems to remain to be her first career priority for the time being. 

Still young, Amber Anderson is slowly making a name for herself in the modeling world.  At the ripe young age of only nineteen, Anderson is already getting herself out there in more mediums than can be counted on one hand and does this without an overwhelmed or narcissistic attitude. 

So far one of her biggest claim to fames has been modeling for Benjamin Kanareks editorial piece in Harpers Bazaar (en Espangol) this past May.  This piece not only gave her popularity due to her modeling, but also brought insight to her sharp sense of humor.  And everyone knows a good sense of humor is appreciated everywhere.  It was said that she had everyone hysterically laughing.  Her cutting edge style and her witty sense of humor just combine to show what a well rounded and overall talented person she is.

Amber Anderson is not just a model, she is a glimpse into the future, into the multitalented artistic future we have, and is something everyone should support


photo credit: nstperfume


Written by Harlee Ludwig - Monday, 25 July 2011 14:20
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