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altveryone knows someone who is effortlessly chic. You know the type; she is always impeccably dressed, but not in a fussy way. She can throw something on in a matter of seconds and look fresh and stylish. Her clothes are uncomplicated, yet still on trend and occasion-appropriate and when she packs to go away for the weekend she only brings a small tote. You secretly hate her don’t you? Yeah, me too!

How does she do it? Does she have some kind of fashion superpowers? Is she just so unbelievably beautiful that she looks amazing in anything? Maybe…. and feel free to hate her if either of those is true, but she might just have a little fashion secret that you are unaware of.

As it turns out, there is a clothing line that offers the kind of fashionable versatility that you so envy. Loup, by Danielle Ribner, is an easy to put together collection of cute tops, bottoms and dresses. Everything is basically made to be mixed and matched, so it is pretty much fool-proof. Even better, the pieces are sweat-resistant, wrinkle-free and take up very little space.

There are a lot of great basics here, but if you are thinking that basic means boring, you have it all wrong. The colors and details are completely in line with current fashions. The spring and summer looks consist of a mix of vibrant and neutral pieces that incorporate the pleat and ruffle trends that are so hot right now. The versatility is amazing! I don’t think you could make a mistake putting these pieces together and the option to layer on more pieces to change your look over the course of the day is always there.


Imagine how easy it would be to throw together an overnight bag for an impromptu weekend road-trip or to be the best dressed one at the next beach party. From skirts to shirts, jackets to pants, dresses to shorts, Loup has all the bits you will need to create your own easy look. And because the pieces don’t wrinkle, you can pack in a hurry, then throw something on and look fresh all day and into the night. This is really going to open up your free time; think of how much quicker you would be able to get out the door. There are good times happening out there and you have been missing them while those annoying effortless girls have been soaking up the fun. No more!

And when you get home from your newfound life of adventure and intrigue you won’t have a pile of dry cleaning and hand washing to deal with. Loup garments are extremely easy to care for. You just toss them in the washer and dryer and iron when necessary. They are made to hold their shape and resist fading and shrinking. Seriously, how much easier can you get? Now you can be the one everyone else secretly resents, and isn’t that the most fun of all?   




photo credit: DanielleRibner


Written by contributing Writer - Saturday, 05 May 2012 00:00
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