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Marina Makaron uses the finest textiles to pull together her designs consisting of culture, folklore and, fantasy. She achieves this work seamlessly incorporating elegance, humor, and art.
The Russian-born designer spent her life living, working and studying in diverse metropolises ranging from Moscow and London, to Paris and Philadelphia. Makaron’s background lies in International Business, in which she earned her degree at the age of 20 at Drexel University. Upon graduation, she pursued careers as a researcher and analyst in financial, publishing and legal institutions until she decided to further her studies at the London School of Economics and later at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. It was not until the conclusion of her second study that her creative calling kicked in and her passion for design took over. With a nod to her Eastern-European roots, Makaron began experimenting with basic Russian imagery and folklore depictions. Endless nights of generating business and investment plans paid off in the end with the creation of her first line, Marina Makaron Moscow.

iFashion Network recently caught up with Marina Makaron to spotlight her work and get some questions answered:

"I began working on my first mmm drawings in 2007. Freedom of creation is the most important aspect of the designing process for me. I imagine an image then draw it absolutely differently until my brain says “perfect”. And when I mean perfect, I mean it does not have to be even or within any borders, it has to aesthetically look right to my eye. I have never been a mainstream fad fashion gal, I always had my own weird ways of putting together colors and expressing my style; however I always respected art, and there is art in fashion. I think I can say my brand established itself when I started doing trunk shows with Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale’s in December of 2008."

1. Do you have a special place where you create your designs?

 If you mean a magical waterfall garden where unicorns jump over rainbows located in my head, then yes.

2. What is your favorite line to create, Spring or Fall?

 Process of creation is very reliant on mood therefore sometimes while creating summer I long for fall and vise versa.

3. Who is your favorite designer?

 I respect Etro a great deal. Brilliant colors and prints.

4. What is the toughest lesson you have learned as a designer?

That everything takes a very long time. Fashion industry is a process which should be undertaken with great patience.

5. What was your most exciting moment as a designer?

When Bloomingdale’s wanted me to do trunk shows with them. Center stage cosmetic isle! The first time I realized that whatever I am doing is more than a little doodle.

6. Where do you see your line in 5 years?

If it takes about 3 seasons to launch and I have just featured my first line, I say in 5 years I may well be doing a very successful show at MBFW gaining global recognition.

7. Where do you feel you were most successful and where did you feel at a low point?

My strong point are my prints and their combination, however I can always grow in technical aspect of clothing production creating more complex and fascinating models.

8. What do you think is the most important fashion piece for a woman to have? And a man? Why?

A scarf of course. Because you can say so much with a scarf and do so much to an outfit.

9. What is your philosophy about the art of fashion?

Be honest to yourself because the audience will know. And don’t try too hard, it looks and tastes rotten.

10. In your opinion, what is the worst fashion faux pas a person can commit?

I hate denim on denim, it hurts my eyes.

11. What advice would you give to someone getting into the fashion industry?

Do it for a reason other than fame or money, deliver a message rather than derive profit. Give vs take, profit will come.

12. Any other thing we should know about you?

And take all the fun out of getting to know me? Nah...



photo credit: marina makaron moscow


Written by Chennelle Christoher - Friday, 12 November 2010 10:31
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