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When painting a house, do-it-yourselfers know that first you need to put on a coat of primer.  This provides a foundation to make the colored paint adhere better and helps the true color come through.

But very few women know to add a layer of primer under their facial foundation. Makeup primers do exactly the same thing as paint primers.  They fill in the imperfections of large pores, skin discolorations, and fine lines.  Plus they keep your makeup in place throughout your hectic days and long nights. Here are seven light-weight primers to try.

Eric Jimenez, make-up artist for Urban Decay, and former guest judge on Britain’s Next Top Model offers seven expert tips on the principles of primer.


Primer_img7 Painters plug holes and cracks in walls with spackle-- kind of like putty. Primer is your way to fill in the cracks. It is an excellent way to fill in wrinkles, lines or pock-marked skin.

Urban Decay
Complexion Primer Potion: Pore Perfecting Primer

Urban Decay’s Pore Perfecting primer creates a smooth, velvety texture with Silicone to help to fill in fine lines.






Halle Berry’s radiant brown skin is beautiful. Using a light-weight primer will allow your natural color to shine through.

Cream Colour Base

Mac’s Cream Colour Base, is not technically a primer. But it can be used as a base on the eyelids to intensify eyeshadow color. A bit can be added to the cheeks for some nice blush.


Primer_img3To cover up blemishes, redness, and lines don’t  increase the amount make-up that will leave dreaded settling of foundation around the nose, mouth, and eyes. With the neutralizing effects of primers, foundations smooth on evenly and achieve a flawless look without caking.


DuWop’s Primerstone contains natural ingredients laricyl, platinum, zinc, magnesium, and mica. The zinc, magnesium, and mica in Primerstone work as a metallic bond to create a compatibility with both mineral and liquid-based foundations, allowing any type of foundation to have longer staying power without caking.




The base is the most important part, and primer creates an excellent base for any type of make-up to be smoothly and evenly applied to.

Clean Slate

Tarte’s Clean Slate primer is made with all natural ingredients such as Echinacea root extract, which is known to decrease inflammation and leaves your skin looking even and exquisite.









Cate Blanchett has that enviable smooth, perfect skin that appears to be poreless. Primer is one make-up tool that can actually help to minimize pores, reduce oil, and minimize redness and achieve a similar effect.

Photo Finish Light Face Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Light is ideal for oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. This water-based primer has oil absorbers to keep your skin looking matte and fabulous.












Primer_img6Wintertime winds can wreak havoc on the skin. Primer can be used as a barrier on dry skin to keep it moisturized, hydrated, and protected.

Victoria’s Secret Makeup
PRO Airbrush FX Face Primer

VS Makeup Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer uses SPF 20 (Sun Protector Factor), creating a satiny finish.







Primer_img1 Celebrities light up the red carpet with flawless faces. Ever wonder why they always seem to glow? Jimenez says you too can have that glow. His secret tip? Use brightening primer around the mouth and eyes to lighten and intensify them.

Urban Decay
Complexion Primer Potion: Brightening

Urban Decay Brightening Primer Potion creates a youthful and radiant finish. The Matrixl 3000 in the brightening primer makes the skin feel lifted and firmer. Other elements in the formula help to hydrate the skin providing  a bit of a lifting and plumping effect.

Written by Janine Silver
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