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althat we think of when we think of Spring- flowers come vividly to mind.  The blossom of color and life after Winter's long hibernation is the driving image of the new season.  For Spring and Summer of 2012, Prada has captured this font of new life and transmitted it into clothing, creating a collection that glories in the vivacity of the natural world.  Being a fashion giant, Prada perhaps takes some inspiration itself from this new collection, recognizing that it can never rest on past successes.  They must always move forward, and so they move us forward, taking us through a line of rebirth, renewal.

The theme of new growth is most dramatically present in the many prints and patterns that adorn Miuccia Prada's latest offerings.  Ms. Prada sees no point in being coy- she is up-front about her influence, because many of the prints are specifically floral.  Rendered in pastel blue, pink, yellow, prints that are almost cartoonish adorn pants, wind jackets, sport coats, and shirts.  There is a sort of 1950's spirit in the collection, conveyed in large part by the prints; they evoke an optimism and warmth that echoes Summers of an earlier, happier time.  The patterns even rise off the clothes: a number of shirts are studded with rhinestones at the shoulders, down the placket.  Where there are no prints there are bright colors, a brilliant yellow, a vibrant green, a glistening pink.  Even the more subdued offerings have some flash of color, like the deep blue and red print on the scarf peeking out from the gorge of a tan suit jacket.  There is a heavy presence of neutral shades- khaki, navy, beige, gray.  These more staid colors serve as the earth in which Ms. Prada's garden is planted, grounding her floral offerings and making them appear all the more spectacular.


As tailoring goes, the whole gamut is on offer.  There are double-breasted jackets, two-piece suits, short pants, polo shirts.  The collection features a large number of hats, specifically newsboy caps that continue to echo more optimistic times.  The Prada man recognizes the potential for rebirth with the coming of Spring.  He is able to put his past behind him, for good and ill, embracing the warmth and life of the new season as a chance to start fresh.  Freed from the shackles of old wounds, he steps into the sunlight flashing with confidence, happy to live a life of infinite possibility.


photo credit: imaxtree


Written by Charles Shoultz
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