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alto the casual observer, outerwear becomes unnecessary in the Summer.  It's perfectly logical to own a coat for Winter, but why use one when the weather is warm and the skies are clear?  The gentlemen at Dekker would like to answer that question.  They want you to consider the whole world, the great globe that the modern man has at his disposal.  It won't always be sunny, and it won't always be warm, no matter what the calendar says.  Dekker's Spring and Summer collection for 2012 is made for the man on a mission, the man who can't stay still.  He'll need protection, wherever he goes, and Dekker is there to deliver.

Dekker has long specialized in outerwear, and this collection doesn't deviate: it presents us with coats and jackets for almost any situation.  There is a light windbreaker, like a Harrington jacket, that protects us from mild chills.  A stiff and formal coat is meant to block the wind and rain while still looking sharp for a social event.  A motorcycle jacket is belted around the waist and made of nylon; it's for the man who charges into danger boldly.  There is a classic trench coat to keep out the rain and take us into steamy back alleys safely.  There are also suggestions of more rugged adventures.  A peacoat made waterproof keeps out the rain while protecting us from the bitter cold.  There is even a parka clearly designed with mountains in mind.  The Dekker man knows that somewhere in his many travels, even if it is Summer in his own mind, the world will be cold and dark.  He needs to be prepared.


Most of the colors are neutral, safe, meant to transition through many circumstances.  The outerwear is a shiny, steely gray, helped by the waterproofing that covers the synthetic fabrics.  The peacoat, expectedly, is a nautical navy blue, recalling the editions issued by national Navies the world over to keep their sailors warm.  An arctic white coat stands ready to drape around the shoulders of a tuxedo for a party high in the Alps.  Perhaps the boldest move of the collection is a trench coat colored bronze, glowing like an ember.  This single rejection of neutral shades helps the Dekker man stand out.  He wants to be distinctive.  He wants to live beyond the confines of his expected life.  This means that, for him, Summer is not always warm and pleasant- but he's prepared for that.

photo credit: imaxtree


Written by Charles Shoultz
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