Does a Princess Wear Jeans?

Does a Princess Wear Jeans?

By: Sarah Daggett

We’ve all grown up watching the Disney princesses swirl around the dance floor in beautiful ball gowns and get their happily ever after with a Prince by their side. Well, Kate Middleton did wear a beautiful gown on her fairytale wedding day and she danced with her Prince getting her happily ever after. But should she really be expected to dress perfectly and look completely primed and made up 100% of the time?

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Robert Blair primary school recently to look into an art therapy charity she is considering working with. She showed up wearing blue jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and black boots. (She wore the same outfit while on a grocery shopping trip to Tesco a couple days ago.)


Apparently some of the parents and children were not so pleased with the Duchess’s appearance. The Daily Mail quoted one parent saying, “Some of the little ones were very confused. They didn’t believe it was the Princess they had seen on the television.” Some of the children were not so happy either saying, “She doesn’t look like a princess. Where’s her dress?”

Now, just because she is a Duchess and married to Prince William doesn’t mean she should have to wear a ball gown everywhere she goes does it? This woman is only human and is already under an enormous amount of pressure to look perfect all the time. Besides, in this modern age the royal family is even making some changes to work with the new century.


The Duchess isn’t the only one who wears jeans either; Crown Princess Mary of Denmark makes jeans look sophisticated and stylish.

Kate Middleton has become a major fashion icon since marrying Prince William and becoming one of the most famous faces in the world; even topping Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Dressed 2011 list. If anyone can pull of the simple jeans and a sweater look, it’s Kate.

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